Fire Services and Life Safety Unit

The GDC Fire Services unit operates 19 fire stations in state prisons and six in county prisons across the state of Georgia. In addition, seven boot camps and probation detention centers have trained wildfire teams who assist the Georgia Forestry Commission with wildfires in the North Georgia Mountains. More than 220 offenders are assigned to the offender firefighter program. GDC fire stations respond to over 3,000 calls annually in communities across the state. They also assist other state agencies in natural disasters and declared emergencies.

The Georgia legislature amended Title 25 OCGA in order to permit former offenders to be hired and certified as career firefighters. Following release, a total of 50 former inmates are known to have been hired at free world stations. Take a moment to watch Lt. Alima Mims' returning citizen success story.

Offenders in the program receive training in hazardous materials, vehicle extrication, and structural fire control. GDC fire stations service portable fire extinguishers for all facilities.

For more information about the GDC Inmate Firefighter program, review our Download this pdf file. Fire Services Fact Sheet .