For Media - Access for Scheduled Executions

When an execution order is received by the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Office of Public Affairs will notify the Georgia Association of Broadcasters and the Georgia Press Association for media witnesses.

A total of five (5) media representatives are selected (if provided):

  • one (1) representative from the Associated Press,
  • two (2) representatives for the Georgia Association of Broadcasters, and
  • two (2) representatives from the Georgia Press Association.
  • There will be one (1) media monitor selected; the monitor, if applicable, will be from the county of conviction.

On the day of the scheduled execution, media witnesses must arrive to the media staging area no later than 5:15pm.

Witnesses will be driven to the facility by GDC staff.  Witnesses are not allowed to bring cell phones, iPads, recording devices, pocket change, or wear jewelry inside the facility. Following the execution, witnesses will be returned to the media staging area.

Once witnesses arrive, they are required to provide information to other media representatives in the media staging area. The media staging area will remain open for 15 minutes after their arrival. After the 15 minutes, the media staging area will close and all media will be escorted off property. 

The media staging will open to all media at 5pm, the day of the scheduled execution. Media will only be allowed on property after 5pm.