Performance Incentive Credit (PIC) Program - Reducing Length of Stay

The Performance Incentive Credit (PIC) Program is an incentive reentry process for eligible offenders. The process allows opportunities for offenders to reduce their length of stay in prison through satisfactory progress in educational, vocational, treatment programs, work assignments and good behavior.

PIC points will be accumulated based upon a standardized point system that provides offenders with the opportunity to play an active role in their reentry program plan. The Parole Board may reconsider or change an offender’s PIC eligibility due to new or additional information obtained on a case.

The Next Generation Assessment (NGA) is utilized on all offenders upon entry into the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) system. This assessment is used to develop an individual reentry program plan for all offenders. The assessment determines the treatment, educational, and vocational needs for each offender. Offenders can accumulate one (1) point for completing all programs within a category on the reentry program plan. For example, if an offender completes groups/programs in an assessed area of need, i.e., substance abuse, they can accumulate one (1) point in that particular category. However, when an offender completes all the categories that have been identified as a need per the Next Generation Assessment (NGA), they will accumulate six (6) program points for successfully completing all categories on the reentry program plan.


All state offenders (excluding probationers) are eligible to be considered for PIC eligibility except those in the following categories or based on the decision of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles:

  • Offenders under death sentence
  • Offenders with sentences less than or equal to two years
  • Offenders serving for non-parole eligible offenses or serving minimum mandatory sentences, i.e. seven deadly sin offenders
  • Offenders serving a life sentence with or without possibility of parole

Accumulation of PIC Points

Offenders can accumulate up to 12 points, potentially receiving 1 to 12 months off either their Tentative Parole Month (TPM) or Maximum Release Date (MRD).

There are three ways offenders can accumulate PIC points:

  1.      Case Plan
  2.      Education and Vocational Improvement
  3.      Detail/Work Assignment

Case Plan

The first category is the Reentry Program Case Plan. Offenders can accumulate 6 program points for completion of their Reentry Program Case Plan in the following categories. They can also accumulate an additional 6 points for completion of additional educational / vocational / OJT programs.

  • Substance Abuse
  • Cognitive Behavioral
  • Education
  • Vocational
  • Mental Health
  • Sex Offender

Education and Vocational Improvement

The second, and new, category for offenders to accumulate PIC points is the Education/Vocational Improvement points category. Accumulation of up to six (6) PIC points for participating in additional programming in the area of education and vocational programs is allowed if successfully completes all criteria.

Detail or Work Assignment

The third category where offenders can accumulate PIC points is based on assignment to certain work details.

Offenders can accumulate up to 6 points for participation on eligible work assignments.

  • Mobile Construction
  • Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI) details
  • Fire Station Services
  • Outside Work Details
  • Specialized Inside Work Details

The amount of points that offenders can accumulate is dependent upon the amount of cumulative time served on certain work detail assignments. An assignment to these work details is a local Classification Committee decision based upon established criteria in Facilities Operations policy. In order to be assigned to such details, offenders need to meet all minimum eligibility criteria in policy and demonstrate positive/good behavior.

One extremely important element of PIC consideration is an offender's overall good conduct and behavior throughout incarceration. If an offender is disruptive and removed from general population, he/she is unable to attend groups/programs and/or work detail assignments for which PIC credits are accumulated. This will delay an offender's ability to complete the items outlined in the Reentry program case plan.

As groups/programs are completed and time on work assignment grows, the Reentry program plan is updated by an automated system. The point calculations are automatically totaled in the database, which is shared with the State Board of Pardons and Paroles. The facility counselor is able to advise the offender of the number of accumulated points that are listed in the system during their counseling sessions. Therefore, in order to maximize the benefits of the PIC process, offenders must be 100% compliant with their individual Reentry program plan, and learn proper work habits by demonstrating good work behaviors while incarcerated.


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