Chaplaincy Services


To provide and facilitate access to pastoral care for inmates and staff as appropriate in order to promote and establish a community of peace, hope, safety, and mutual respect, and ensure offenders first amendment religious rights.



Director of Chaplaincy Services Dr. A. Stephen Turner

(478) 992-5908
Mail to

P.O. Box 1529
Forsyth, GA 31029

Chaplaincy Services supports the mission and vision of the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) through highly professional leadership providing pastoral care to inmates and staff, facilitating worship, education, counseling, spiritual direction, support, and crisis intervention by working on an individual and corporate basis to promote and establish:

A Community of:

  • Peace and Hope
  • Community of Safety
  • Community of Mutual Respect
  • Community of Respect for property of others
  • Community of Responsible and Law Abiding Citizens prepared for Reentry

What specific services does the Chaplaincy unit provide?

  • Coordinate and provide worship services for a multi-religious and culturally diverse group
  • Provide pastoral counseling to inmates and staff
  • Provide crisis intervention counseling
  • Facilitate religious instruction among various faith groups
  • Coordinate and facilitate behavioral change groups
  • Provide consultation and training regarding religious needs of inmates
  • Chaplaincy staff recruits, trains and coordinates our vast number of community volunteers
  • Assist inmates in their reentry effort by matching the inmate with the community service providers
  • Provide support to correctional staff and their family members