Sending Packages to Offenders

The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) will allow Union Supply to receive orders for food item packages which will be delivered to inmates assigned to State Prisons*, Integrated Treatment Facilities, and Probation Detention Centers.

Approved Family and friends of inmates may participate in this program by placing their orders with Union Supply in one of the following ways listed below.

Ways to Place an Order

  • Order Online

    Order forms are available for download on the Georgia Inmate Package websiteThe order form displays a complete list of items that have been pre-approved by the Georgia Department of Corrections for the offender to receive.

  • Order by Mail

    Place an order by mail at:

    Union Supply
    2500 Regent Blvd
    Dept. 421
    P.O. Box 619059
    Dallas, TX 75261-9059

  • Order by Phone

    You can place an order over the phone by calling: 1-562-361-5719, or call toll-free: 1-855-247-0563.

  • Order by Fax

    Place a fax order using the number: 1-310-603-1188.

Additional Information about Orders

  • Any orders received after the deadline will not be accepted 
  • There is a $2.95 shipping and handling charge for all orders. These charges are non-refundable for all orders.
  • GDC has set a maximum spending limit for State Prisons* and ITFs of $100 per offender or 15 lbs. per package (based on which limit is reached first) and $50 per offender or 7 lbs. per package (based on which limit is reached first) for Probation Detention Centers. Multiple orders will be consolidated into one package not to exceed these limits.
  • Riverbend Private Prison in Georgia will continue to use the Access Securepak package program until further notice.


Union Supply

For questions or concerns regarding the food package program.

(855) 247-0563