The Georgia Department of Corrections offers five different ways you can send money to a friend or family member currently incarcerated. Review the different ways and the steps included below. 

Important note: You must be on a recipient’s approved visitor list to use any payment method.

  • Send a Money Order

    Create a free money order voucher to print and mail in. Please allow up to 2 weeks for mail and processing time. 

    Send Money to an Offender

    There are several ways you can send money to a family member or friend currently in a GDC facility. Use the link below to be directed to our Send Money tool.

  • Send Money Online via JPay

    There are several options to send money using JPay.

    1. Send money using JPay by entering the Inmate ID.
    2. Already have a JPay account? You can send money online using your credit or debit card. Fees associated with the type of funds transfer are listed below.
    3. Download the JPay mobile app and send money anytime.
    • JPAY Pricing for Funds Transfer

      Mobile Application / Online / IVR /Live Operator Deposits 

      Type of Transfer Fee
      Internet Funds Transfer
      $0.01 - $20.00
      $3.50 per transaction
      Internet Funds Transfer
      $20.01 - $100.00
      $5.00 per transaction
      Internet Funds Transfer
      $100.01 - $300.00
      $6.50 per transaction
      Walk in Deposits/MoneyGram- Up to $5,000.00 $4.95 per transaction
      Lockbox/Money Order FREE
    • JPAY Kiosk Services / Fees
      Digital Downloads Fee
      Digital Music Download (per song) $1.06-$1.99
      Digital Music Download (per album) $2.88-$20.00
      Digital Video Download (per video) $3.99
      Digital Video Download (season/collection) $3.99
      Digital Book Download (per book) $0.99
      Digital Magazine Download (per magazine) $0.99
      Educational Content Download Free
      Digital Game Download varies
      Video Visitation $3.95 for 30 Minutes
      Email Fee
      Electronic Stamp for E-mail $0.35
      Attachment for E-Mail $1.05 (up to 3 attachments)
      Attachment for E-Mail $2.10 (up to 6 attachments)
      Attachment for E-Mail $3.50 (up to 10 attachments)
  • Speak with an Agent

    If you need to speak with someone to send money to a friend or family member offender, you can call the number below and speak with a live agent available 24/7.


    Send Money via Phone

    (800) 574-5729
  • Send Cash with MoneyGram

    Send cash to an offender using MoneyGram at locations including CVS and Walmart. Please reference:

    • Georgia DOC Receiver Code 6857
    • Georgia Probation Receiver Code 6901

    Learn more about sending money with MoneyGram.