COVID-19 Response

The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) is responding with all available resources to help prevent/mitigate the potential introduction and spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) into our facilities. GDC continues to work closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) to coordinate the appropriate response to this evolving situation. The GDC has implemented a phased approach to include activating GDC’s Pandemic Emergency Response Team, planning and education, preparedness and response.

Current Phase Four- Transitioning and Vaccination


All offenders within the Georgia Department of Corrections have been offered a Covid-19 vaccine and booster and administered to those wishing to receive one.  All new intakes/court returns will be offered and administered a vaccine upon arrival at their host facility.

Movement Plan

Court returns and new PDC intakes will be processed through their host facility.  All new arrivals (intakes) and court return offenders will be administered a COVID-19 test at their host location.  Diagnostic offenders will remain being process though Lee Arrendale State Prison (females) and Georgia Diagnostic Classification Prison (males).

Offenders who are symptomatic will be medically isolated while awaiting test results. Non-symptomatic offenders will be placed in quarantine for 14 days while awaiting test results. Offenders receiving negative test results will resume the normal diagnostic process.

Tours and Visitation

  • All prison tours will remain suspended at this time.
  • All volunteers were allowed to renter facilities beginning July 6, 2021.
  • Modified in-person visitation and attorney visits are available at all GDC facilities. Visits are made by appointment only.
  • Medical Copays related to flu and COVID-19 symptoms remain waved.

Programming and Details

Programming is underway and outside details have resumed.

Staff Actions

Screening of all staff to include the requirement of staff to sign an attestation of no known illness questionnaire, and have temperature checks prior to entry into the facility. Further, Portal Sergeants are required to wear gloves and observe hand washing requirements and other sanitation measures as communicated.  As an added measure, mats have been placed at all facilities for sanitizing shoe soles upon entry and exit.

Screening of contractors and vendors, to include the requirement of staff to sign an attestation-of-no-known illness questionnaire and have temperature checks prior to entry into the facility.

TC Resident screening is being conducted in the same manner as all other GDC facilities.

  • Facility Sanitation: Increased chemical orders statewide; availability of hand sanitizer and soap increased for staff at all GDC locations; increased sanitation rounds and required cleaning of high traffic areas and high touch areas. Increased the availability of soap over-and-above normal issue for the inmate population as well.  All facilities have received a chemical fogging treatment.
  • Optimizing use of Telecourt, Telemedicine and Telepsychiatry.
  • All staff onsite training is being offered in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Staff Teleworking: Staff designated as non-essential may telework.