Friends and Family

Friends and Family

Find the information you need to visit, send money or packages, or contact an offender. View a timeline of phases for offenders from Day 1. Learn about what resources are available to offenders, and where to find help.

Visit are by appointment only.

Inmate Services

The Inmate Services Division is responsible for overseeing the operations Academic Education, Chaplaincy, Risk Reduction Services, Substance Abuse, Transitional/Reentry Services, and Career Technical and Higher Education.

Helpful Resources

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Performance Incentive Credit (PIC)

Eligible offenders can reduce their length of stay in prison.

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Workforce Reentry

The Federal Bonding Program helps job applicants in securing and maintaining employment.

release card

Georgia Release Card

Now that you're released, the leftover funds on your books have been transferred to this card.

Your Georgia Release Card will be transitioning to a new bank. Download this pdf file. Learn more


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Offender Concerns or Questions

Inmate Concerns / Questions
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Grievance and Family Services