Board of Corrections


Board of Corrections

(478) 992-5258

The Board of Corrections is composed of 19 members, one from each congressional district in the state and five members from the state at large. The Governor appoints all members, subject to the consent of the State Senate, to staggered five-year terms.

The Board develops rules governing the conduct and welfare of employees under its authority. These include the assignment, housing, feeding, clothing, treatment, discipline, rehabilitation, training, and hospitalization of all inmates coming under its custody.

  • The members serve on the following committees: Budget/Utilities 
  • Correctional Industries/Food & Farm
  • Education/Recidivism
  • Facilities
  • Health Services
  • Nominations.

The Board of Corrections is a policy-making statutory board and has legal status only as a board. The operations and management of the GDC institutions, and facilities are the responsibility of the Commissioner.