Georgia POST Certification

Advanced Certification – POST Instructor Training

POST IT is the essential course for anyone wishing to teach courses which provide POST credit. POST IT is an extremely rigorous course that requires the full commitment and dedication of each participant enrolled.

The course itself is multifaceted beginning with Pre-Course work and assignment that begins upon acceptance to the class. The Course continues in class beginning day one of week one in which participants will be taught the methodology of teaching and the various aspects of becoming an Instructor. In week two of the class the student will be required to write a 25 page minimum Lesson Plan on an approved Law Enforcement topic. In week three of class the student will be evaluated on their written lesson plan and their presentation skill of the lesson.

POST Instructor Evaluation

Upon completion of this course, students must teach a course and be evaluated by a POST certified instructor within one year. The student will then apply online for certification as an instructor. There are fees associated with this application that are the responsibility of the student. 

If you are interested in attending POST IT, please send an email to: [email protected] requesting more information.