Campus Operations

This mission of Campus Operations is to provide the best work environment in central Georgia for Georgia Department of Corrections' employees and guests of GDC headquarters. Additionally, Campus Operations protects the public, GDC employees, and guests by maintaining a safe, functional, and historically significant real estate property asset in the state of Georgia.

Campus Operations consists of the following sections:

  • Business Operations Unit
  • Maintenance Unit
  • Security Unit

Business Operations Unit

This unit ensures that Campus Operations functions as a good steward of the state's resources and maintains public confidence by completing all responsibilities in accordance with state law and policy.

The key responsibilities of this unit include maintenance and services contracts, purchase card management, property accountability, utilities payment, and section Human Resources support.

Maintenance Unit

The key responsibilities of this unit include preventative maintenance and services, minor and major repairs, contractor supervision, fire safety system, and site improvement/minor construction.

Security Unit

The key responsibilities of this unit includes inmate detail supervision, 24/7 campus (GDC headquarters) security, access and key control, housekeeping, grounds maintenance and landscaping, event set up and support, parking management, mail services, and audio/visual support.