Statistical Trends

This page links to documents showing statistical trends in Georgia corrections.

History of Executions Reports

History of executions report shows a history of the methods of capital punishment in Georgia from 1735 to the present, and a list of all executed inmates since 1924.

Download this pdf file. History of Executions

Recidivism Reports

Recidivism Rate Reports show three-year felony conviction rates of inmates released from state prisons, private prisons, county prisons, and transition centers, and probationers released from detention centers and probation boot camps. Updated annually.

Download this pdf file. 3-Year Reconviction Calendar Years

Download this pdf file. 3 Year Reconviction Fiscal Years

Inmate Release Reports

Both the inmate release by county calendar year and fiscal year reports show the number of inmates released to each of Georgia's 159 counties during each of the past five calendar and fiscal years is useful for planning prisoner re-entry and similar programs. Updated annually. NOTE: the number of releases do not include inmate deaths.

Download this pdf file. Inmate Release by County - Calendar Year

Download this pdf file. Inmate Release by County - Fiscal Year

1925 Population Report

The 1925 population report shows the year-end population of the Georgia prison system for every year since 1925, gathered from a variety of historical sources. These year-end figures may not exactly match other published year-end figures because of differences in sources.

Download this pdf file. Year-End Pop Since 1925

Length of Stay Reports

Length of stay reports are approximately 300 pages long, with one page for each type of offense. They show, for each of the past 35 calendar and fiscal years, the number of inmates who were released, what their average sentence was, how long and what percentage of sentence they served, what percentage were released by Parole, and the number and service of life-sentence inmates. Updated annually.

Download this pdf file. Length of Stay - Calendar Year  

Download this pdf file. Length of Stay - Fiscal Year