How Do I … Become a GDC Correctional Officer?

  • Meet Minimum Job Requirements

    Applicants for Correctional Officer must meet the minimum job requirements to be hired:

    • be at least 18 years of age
    • have high School Diploma or GED
    • be a US Citizen
    • have no Felony Convictions
    • pass the POST Entrance Exam
  • Complete the POST Application

    Once an applicant has been hired, they are required to supply other documentation to our Peace Officer's Standards and Training (POST) unit to complete their POST package.

    The required documents are as follows:

    • Birth Certificate
    • GED or High School Diploma
    • Criminal History (Fingerprint Live Scan Results)
    • Driver’s History for the last five Years
    • Physical Examination
    • Personal History Release
    • DD 214 if military
  • Participate in Basic Correctional Officer Training (BCOT)

    • BCOT Training is 240 hours of training. 
    • This course is generally taught 9 times per year.

    After the POST application has been cleared, selected candidates will undergo five weeks of job relevant Basic Correctional Officer Training which will total 240 hours of training. 

    • Week 1: Cadets are required to attend firearms training and shoot a passing score of 80% with the required weapon twice to continue in the program.
    • Weeks 2 through 5: Cadets are required to attend classroom academics and also practical training. They are given written exams over the subjects covered and must score minimum of 70% or 80 % depending on the liability of the material.
      • Practical exams are scored as a pass or fail.
      • Should a cadet fail three written exams or a retest, they are removed from the program and sent back to the hiring authority. 

    Additionally, cadets can be removed from BCOT if they miss POST mandatory high liability lessons, miss more than 5% of the training hours, or display significant or repeated disciplinary problems.