Data Management and Research

Data Management is an analytical unit that provides in-depth and informative reporting to the Department's decision makers, the Governor's Office, and the State Legislature,  as well as to a myriad of other state and federal agencies and partners.

Examples of the work produced by the unit include standing population reports, monthly and annual statistical reports, and detailed population research and analytics.

  • Standing Statistical Reports include snapshots and recent trends in critical system measures, felony sentences which are broken out by individual crimes, criminal justice issues, and trends that show historic patterns in inmate population, jail backlogs, length of stay, releases and recidivism.
  • Annual Statistical Reports include detailed statistical profiles of inmate admissions and release broken down by calendar year (January-December) and fiscal year (July-June). Calendar year reports also include a roster and analysis of death-row inmates. Fiscal year reports also include the agency's annual reports.
  • Monthly Statistical Reports include detailed statistical profiles of standing populations to include total inmates, life sentence inmates, life without parole inmates, juveniles sentenced as adults, and death row inmates, as well as rosters of inmates from foreign counties.