Field Training Unit

The unit provides a systematic means of employee development to better prepare staff to function in a supervisory, management, or leadership role within the agency. This unit also provides job relevant specialized training opportunities.

Training efforts provide professional and personal growth opportunities to GDC team members; and improve GDC team members' abilities to conduct programs and provide offender services. Success in meeting the diverse GDC employees' training and development needs is the result of programs that are planned, developed, coordinated, and instructed in a purposeful and cost-efficient way.

The programs delivered by this unit assists the agency in meeting requirements of state/federal laws, court orders, contractual agreements, certification or recertification requirements, terms, and conditions of employment, comply with standard operating procedures, special orientation needs, or other mandates.

  • Develops and delivers annual in-service training program to the

agencies facility operations employees

  • Conducts semi-monthly new employee training for all staff
  • Certifies all sworn staff with firearms annually
  • Offers additional specialized training to support their facility’s mission

Special Operations Training Unit

  • Responsible for providing training to various GDC Special Operations units
  • Specialized areas include: Corrections Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Tactical (TACT) Squads, Canine Units, Fugitive Squad
  • Offered to advance an officer’s skill level in a particular area, i.e., firearms, drill and ceremony, drug detection, chemical munitions, taser, mobile field force, defensive tactics, auto-pistol and cell extraction skills
  • Provides training based on current events, and acts as a quick response unit for training issues