Stay in Contact with a Juvenile Offender

There are several ways you can keep in contact with a loved one who's a juvenile in a GDC Facility.

  • Visit

    Whether a juvenile is at Lee Arrendale State Prison (LASP) or Burruss Correctional Training Center (CTC), visitation hours and rules are as follows:

    • Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM on Saturdays or Sundays and holidays.
    • Juvenile and adult populations are separated during visitation.
    • Juveniles are allowed 2 visits per week.

    All visitation is contingent on receiving all required identification documents by designated facility. For more information, read through our Visitation information.

  • Digital Communication

    There are 2 ways to keep in contact using digital communication:

    • JPay Visits
    • GOAL Device (electronic tablet)
  • Phone Calls

    Phone calls can be allowed per counselor and Deputy Warden of Care and Treatment's discretion.