About Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services incorporates faith-based organization, community stakeholders, concerned citizens, civic organizations and business partnerships that support services presently offered and others not provided by traditional agency programming. Volunteer Services raises the conscious awareness of the community by involving their talents, resources, and their inherent connection to the offender and community. Involvement sends the message to the offender that the community has a vested interest in their success.

Volunteer Services has trained and retained over 9,200 volunteers to assist the offenders and returning citizens inside and outside correctional facilities statewide.

Volunteer Services Mission

  • To help reduce recidivism by involving community stakeholders.
  • To mobilize (identify, recruit, train, and monitor) resource persons and groups from the community to provide services and mentoring for the habilitation or rehabilitation of offenders.
  • To participate in correctional programs, which support the offender's successful transition from custody to community.

For more information, please contact a Volunteer Program Coordinator.