November 15, 2023

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

On November 6 at Augusta State Medical Prison, it was reported that Officer Nicole Rosario had a strong smell of marijuana on her person. Officer Rosario consented to a search where a bundle of Tobacco was concealed on her person. Officer Rosario was arrested. 

On November 8 at Baldwin SP, a suspicious vehicle was spotted near the facility. The Milledgeville Police Department and GDC Canine Unit were contacted and located the following contraband: 9 touch screen cellphones, 4 flip phones, 3 charging cords, 10 charging blocks, 11 USB cords, 1 pair of earbuds, 2 packs of Rolling Paper and 794 grams of Tobacco. Milledgeville Police Department located the vehicle and arrested Civilians Travis Short and Devonta Strickland.

On November 9 at Dooly SP, a suspicious vehicle was observed near the facility. The GDC K9 unit contacted the Houston County Sheriff's Office for assistance, and a traffic stop was made. Civilians Dontacious Patrick and Solomon Thompkins occupied the vehicle. A search of the vehicle was conducted, and the following contraband was found: 2 drones, a drone controller, 394 grams of Tobacco, 1457 grams of marijuana, 2 guns, and 3 cell phones. Civilians Patrick and Thompkins were arrested and taken to the Houston County Sheriff's Office. 

On November 9 at Calhoun SP, Calhoun County Sheriff's Office reported that they observed two individuals walking in the woods near the facility. Calhoun County SO arrested the individuals in the woods and the driver on a traffic stop. Contraband was recovered during the traffic stop and is currently in the possession of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office. 

On November 9 at Calhoun SP, Calhoun County Sheriff's Department observed a suspicious individual walking in the field towards the facility. GDC Canine Unit was called and arrived on the scene to assist with tracking down the suspect. Civilian Darious Franklin was found with a duffle bag that contained 5,115 grams of Tobacco, 874 grams of marijuana, 7 cell phones, 3 charging blocks, 29 charging cords, 15 earbuds, 73 lighters, and 19 packs of cigarettes. 

On November 10 at Wilcox SP, Civilian Anthony Riley was arrested by the Abbeville Police Department after he attempted to introduce contraband to the facility. Civilian Riley was near the facility where he was in possession of a drone and 2 packages of contraband. The packages contained the following: 3,767 grams of Tobacco, 4 cell phones, 2 chargers, 4 earbuds, 10 lighters, and 6 rolling papers. Civilian  Riley was transported to Wilcox County Jail with pending charges.

On November 12 at Lee SP, Officer Jaylin Lane entered the facility with a strong odor of marijuana on his person. Officer Lane consented to be searched, and a vacuumed sealed bag of marijuana was taped to his person. He was arrested by Lee County Sheriff's Office and transported to Lee County Jail.