December 20, 2023

Contraband Arrests at Multiple Facilities

On December 16 at Baldwin SP, Visitor Windy Strickland was processing in for visitation when she set off the metal detector at the front entry. Visitor Strickland consented to a search, and 3 bundles wrapped in black tape were found on her person. Visitor Strickland was arrested by the Milledgeville Police Department and transported to Baldwin County Jail.

On December 15 at Rogers SP, a State Trooper made contact with Probationer Bennie Houston and Civilians Adan Cisneros and Dupree Parks. Civilian Cisneros admitted to throwing a chip bag in front of Rogers State Prison earlier that morning and that Probationer Houston made a contraband drop at the UGA Research area. The potato chip bag was found by security staff and contained 2 cellphones, 2 charging cords, and 5 SIM cards, and the contraband at the UGA Research location contained 1684.7 grams of tobacco. Probationer Houston and Civilians Cisneros and Parks were arrested and taken to Tattnall County Jail. 

On December 14 at Calhoun SP, a Calhoun County Sheriff's Deputy apprehended Civilian Jamal Jackson and Civilian Kaleb Baker near the facility with 4 black duffle bags filled with contraband. Civilian Jackson and Civilian Baker were taken to the Calhoun County Jail.