December 29, 2023

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

On December 19 at Dodge SP,  an unknown individual was spotted near the facility. The Dodge County Sheriff's Office and OPS Canine Unit were contacted for assistance. While searching the area, an unknown male was found in the woodline with a drone in his possession. The drone had two plastic bags attached to it containing the following contraband: 119 grams of marijuana, 690 grams of tobacco, 2 cellphones, 3 pairs of earbuds, a charging cord, 2 charging blocks, and 6 packs of rolling paper. 
While the unknown male was being detained, the deputy made contact with a vehicle driving by that was occupied by Civilian Sarah Lynn Reeves. The unknown male and Civilian Reeves were arrested and taken to the Dodge County Jail. 

On December 30 at Rogers SP, security staff retrieved 3 bundles wrapped in black electrical tape near the facility. The contraband consisted of the following: 4 cellphones, 4 charger blocks, 4 charger cords, 115 grams of tobacco, 115 grams of marijuana, and several packs of rolling papers. Tattnall County Sheriff's Office and the GDC Canine unit were notified and located Civilians Tony Brown and Dwayne Aiken near the facility with additional contraband. Tattnall County Sheriff's Office transported civilians Brown and Akin with pending charges

On December 31 at Valdosta SP, 2 civilians were spotted near the facility Maintenace Shop. The GDC Canine unit and Lowndes County Sheriff's Office searched the area and apprehended the two unidentified civilians. One bundle of contraband was located, and Lowndes County Sheriff's Office arrested the civilians.