November 06, 2023

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

On November 4 at Calhoun State Prison, a Calhoun County Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle near the facility after being notified of a drone flying in the area. The vehicle was occupied by Civilians Kesha Rogers and Solomon Tompkins. During the vehicle search, a drone and a black trash bag were discovered. The black trash bag contained the following contraband: 2,838 grams of marijuana, 1,983 grams of tobacco, 6 cell phones, and 9 charging cords. Civilians Rogers and Tompkins were arrested and taken to the Calhoun County Jail. 

On November 4 at Johnson State Prison, during the shakedown after visitation with Sydney Everett 2 cigarettes were found hidden in an offender's clothing. Visitor Everett was stopped and questioned while attempting to leave after visitation. Johnson County Sheriff's was called for assistance. The Sheriff's Office searched visitor Everette and her vehicle, and a pack of cigarettes matching the two found on the offender was located. Visitor Everette was arrested by Johnson County and transported to Johnson County Jail with charges pending.

On November 4 at Calhoun State Prison, security staff and Calhoun County Sheriff's Office discovered 2 packages wrapped in black tape near the warehouse. Probationer Christopher McDuffy and another unidentified Civilian were arrested and transported to Calhoun County Jail pending charges.

On November 5 at Wilcox State Prison, Abbeville Police Department notified the facility that a suspicious individual was hiding in the woods near the facility. Abbeville Police Department and the GDC Canine Unit searched the area and apprehended civilian Lawrence Deloach with a black bag in his possession. The bag contained the following contraband: 3242 grams of tobacco, 10 lighters, 2 charging blocks, 2 cellphone chargers, and 2 cellphones. Civilian Deloach was arrested by Abbeville Police Department and transported to Wilcox County Jail with charges pending.