October 23, 2023

Contraband Arrest at Rogers and Dodge State Prisons


On October 17 at Rogers State Prison, At 0341 hours, canine officers were alerted of a suspicious individual near the facility. The suspicious individual was located with the following contraband: 699 grams of tobacco, 15 cigars, 10 cigarette lighters, 2 cellphones, 2 charging cords, 2 charging blocks, 2 packs of rolling paper, and a cellphone instruction manual. Civilian Mekhi Alston was arrested by the Tattnall County Sheriff's Office. 


On October 16 at Dodge State Prison, a canine officer observed a suspicious vehicle near the facility. The Dodge County Sheriff's Office was contacted for assistance and made contact with the vehicle which was occupied by Civilians Corey Gerrod and Glenn Allen. A vehicle search was conducted. During the search, a drone and two backpacks were found. The backpacks contained 708 grams of tobacco, 360 grams of marijuana, 11 packs of cigars, and 6 cigarette lighters. Civilians Gerrod and Allen were arrested by the Dodge County Sheriff's Office.