October 09, 2023

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

On October 1 at Rogers SP, Tattnall County Sheriff's Office observed Civilians Inez Kasumozit and Katelyn Blackwell walking near the facility with a black backpack containing 3 bundles wrapped in clear tape. Upon searching the area, an additional 3 bundles were recovered. The contraband consisted of the following: 1 cellphone, 4 Cigarette packs, 1 folding knife, 1 multitool, 6 pair of men's boxers, 1 container of Deodorant, 5 cigarette lighters, 3 razors, and 5 packs of AAA batteries. The Tattnall County Sheriff's Office arrested civilians Kasumozit and Blackwell. 

On October 1 at Dooly SP, suspicious activity was reported near the facility. Upon searching the area, Canine Officers apprehended Civilian Robert Rooks in the woods with 2 backpacks of contraband in his possession. The contraband consisted of the following: 86.5 grams of MDMA, 410 grams of marijuana, 5 bottles of promethazine, 1,638.5 grams of tobacco, 10 cellphones, 15 chargers, 5 charging blocks, 1 scale, 4 headphones, 0 Bluetooth speakers, and 30 vapes. The Dooly County Sheriff's Department arrested civilian Rooks.

On September 25 at Calhoun SP, security staff observed 2 offenders waiting to retrieve contraband. Security staff responded to the area, and 6 packages wrapped in grey tape were discovered. Several unidentified individuals were running towards the wood line behind the warehouse. The contraband contained the following: 1 empty codeine bottle, 5 cell phones, 8 blunt powder air fresheners, 11 packs of cigarillo wrapping paper, 28 lighters, 10 packs of matches, 2 digital packet scales, 2 batteries, 48 Black and Milds cigars, 44 Top wrapping paper, 4 ear bud cases, 8 earbuds, 2 packs of colorful pills, 24 ear bud replacements, 18 charging cords, 12 charging blocks, 2 SIM card pins, 7.5 grams of a green leafy substance and 11.0 grams of a brown leafy substance. The facility's canine unit was called for assistance. It was able to track down and apprehend 3 individuals in the area, along with 1 black duffle bag and 2 black backpacks. The suspects were arrested and taken to the Calhoun County Jail with pending charges.