June 29, 2023

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

As of July 2010, The GDC Office of Professional Standards, in conjunction with local & federal law enforcement partners, have investigated or arrested approximately 2,012 staff and civilians for introducing contraband into prisons throughout the state.

On June 25 at Rogers SP, staff observed 2 civilians running into the wood line near the facility. Civilian Naishawn Mitchell was apprehended by GDC K9 units, and Civilian Zaeshaun Brown was captured and taken into custody by Tattnall County Sheriff's Office. The contraband located consisted of 1200 gms marijuana, 5990 gms loose tobacco, 25 cellphones, 82 packs cannabis gummies, 96 pills, 31 charging cords, 21 charging blocks, 6 pair earbuds, 1 extension cord, 3 cellphone batteries, 18packs cigars, 6 packs blunt wrappers, 1 dropper bottle with an unknown substance, 1 pack gold gel, 31 packs of rolling papers, 3 tubes superglue, 27 lighters, 1 pack cigarettes, and 3 stacks of magnets.

On June 22 at Hays SP, At 0930 hours, Food Service Contractor Lisa Burton was entering the front entry when security staff noticed a suspicious notebook. The notebook tested positive for K2 synthetic marijuana. She was arrested and transported to Chattooga County Jail. 

On June 20 at Smith SP, security staff observed 2 drones drop packages near the facility. Tattnall County Sheriff's Office was notified, and 1 large bundle wrapped in plastic wrap and duct tape was recovered. The bundle contained the following items: 502 grams of marijuana, 1229 grams of tobacco, 6 wrapping papers, 1 Diamond cleaning Stick, 2 charging blocks, and 2 cable cords. Glennville Police Department stopped a vehicle speeding in the city of Glennville occupied by two unidentified subjects, where they retried the following items: 1 drone, several containers of marijuana, and several cell phones. Both subjects were arrested and taken to Tattnall County Sheriff's Office.