April 04, 2024

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

On March 22 at Calhoun SP, At 0650 hours, Calhoun County Sheriff's Office observed Civilians Tryron Puckett and Willie Fort enter the woods near the facility. Calhoun County Sheriff's Office searched the area and recovered 2 bundles wrapped in electrical tape. The contraband consisted of 15 cellphones, 20 cigarette lighters, 15 cigars, and 280 grams of tobacco. Civilians Puckett and Fort were arrested by Calhoun County Sheriff and transported to Calhoun County jail pending charges. 

On March 24 at Telfair SP, security staff observed a drone with a package attached flying over the facility. The package contained the following: 7 cellphones, 1695 grams of tobacco, 744 grams of marijuana, 535 grams of meth, 4 packs of rolling paper, 5 charging cords, 3 charging blocks, 1 hotspot, 1 vape, 1 sim card, 1 cellphone battery, and 34 oxycodone pills. Telfair Sheriff's Office searched the surrounding area and arrested civilians Todd Deangelo Walker and Inger Gritman, and a third suspect ran into the woods. Their vehicle was searched, and 1 drone controller and 1 gun were recovered. The civilians were taken to Telfair County jail pending charges.

On March 25 at Telfair SP, Civilian Benjamin Johnson was found sitting in his vehicle parked across the street from the prison. Telfair County Sheriff's Office was notified, and during a search of his vehicle, officers found a black bag filled with contraband. The contraband consisted of 2,386 grams of tobacco, 23 earbuds, 12 SIMS cards, 6 cellphones, 40 charging cords, 13 charging blocks, 51 packs of rolling paper, 2 phone cases, and 1 external battery pack. 

On March 31 at Smith SP, Glennville Police Department and Tattnall County Sheriff's Office observed a vehicle parked near the facility. Civilian Joseph Durant was taken into custody by Tattnall County Sheriff's Office, and Civilian Kenneth Alberta fled. GDC Canine Unit was notified of this incident and arrived to assist with the search. Civilian Alberta was captured near the woodline and was taken into custody with pending charges. The contraband recovered from the area and on their persons consisted of 1 drone, 1 drone controller, 1 black bag with unknown contraband, and several personal phones. During a search of the facility,  an unopened duffle bag was recovered from the facility grounds.