February 22, 2024

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

On 2.9.24 at Dodge SP, a suspicious person was observed near the facility. The GDC Canine Unit tracked the suspect who was identified as Civilian Darryl James. Civilian James was searched, and the following contraband was found: 1 DJI 600 drone, 59 grams of ecstasy, 212 grams of marijuana, 7,059 grams of tobacco, 1 master lock with key, and 42 packs of rolling paper. Civilian James was arrested by Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and transported to Dodge County jail pending charges.

On 2.12.24 at Rogers SP, a suspicious person was observed near the facility.  During a search of the area, 2 plastic bags were found containing the following contraband: 130 egg-shaped bundles wrapped in black electric tape, 11 bundles covered in white paint, 4 bundles wrapped in blue tape, and a roll of snuff cans. Civilian Zhykeem Anderson was arrested and taken to the Tatnall County Jail.

On 2.4.23 at Baldwin SP, a suspicious person was observed near the facility. While patrolling the area Milledgeville PD discovered a truck with a suspect sitting in it. GDC K-9 unit discovered a suspicious person hiding in the wood line along with the following contraband 1 pair slides, 3 shirts, 3 pair socks, 1 skullcap, 1 wrench, 2 vapes, 5 lighters, 4 charging cables, 2 charging blocks, 1 pair of earbuds, 1 super glue, 1 D3 gummy vitamin, 1,255 grams tobacco, and 3.6 grams marijuana. Both suspects were arrested and transported to Milledgeville PD.

On 2.8.2024 at Wilcox SP, Correctional Officer Robert Altman was searched upon entry to the facility. In his food, four packages wrapped in grey electrical duct tape were found which contained 242 grams of marijuana. Abbeville Police

On 2.9.24 at Smith SP, Correctional Officer Shaniya Odom attempted to clear the front entry when a controlled substance, suspected to be marijuana, was located in her possession.