February 02, 2024

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

On January 21 at Calhoun SP, security staff responded to a suspicious person running into the wood line. They notified the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office for assistance. Later in the evening, Calhoun County Sheriff's Office apprehended civilian Nehemiah Robinson in the woods near the facility. Civilian Robinson had 1 drone, 1 drone remote, and a bag full of contraband. Civilian Robinson was arrested by the Sheriff's Office and transported to Calhoun County Jail with charges pending.

On January 26 at Hancock State Prison, staff reported suspicious activity near the facility. Hancock County Sheriff's Office and the GDC K9 unit were requested to assist with a search of the area. They located former inmates Lloyd White and Jeaundean White. The contraband consisted of 9 Cell Phones, 2 Packs of THC gummies-61 grams, 10 lighters, 13 charging cords, 3 Bluetooth earbuds, 9 charging blocks, 1 bottle of bio freeze, 1 bottle of blunt spray, 1 bottle of acetaminophen, 1 bottle of Tylenol, 228 grams of marijuana, and 4074 grams of tobacco. The former inmates were arrested and transported to the local jail.  

On January 30 at Smith SP, Glennville Police Department and OPS Special Agents located and detained 3 civilians,Donneta Thompkins, Sailem Ayana and Cadarius Carter, associated with introducing contraband into the facility. After completing the searches, the following contraband was located: 1 drone, 1 drone controller, 1 contraband package, 1 drone case, 2 drone batteries, 1 box containing several cigarettes, 3.3 grams of marijuana, 1 roll of clear tape, 1 roll of electrical tape, 2 opened bottles containing alcohol, 3 packs cigarillos,  10 cellphones, 1 cellphone battery, 1,812 grams tobacco, 17.6 grams white powdery substance, 17.8 grams blue tablet substance, 220.7 grams marijuana, 32 packs wrapping/rolling papers, 1 pair nail clippers, and 2 disposable electronic cigarettes.