January 17, 2024

Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Facilities

On January 1 at Calhoun SP, the Warden was notified of an individual near the facility. Security staff immediately responded to the area and found a duffle bag. Calhoun County Sheriff's Department arrived to assist and apprehend Kendrick Thomas and Montavius Warren.

On January 1 at Smith SP, Visitor Alexis White entered the facility's front entrance. After being scanned by the body scanner, the portal sergeant noticed an abnormal object on her person. Visitor White consented to a search, where 3 pieces of paper were folded inside a napkin, tied together with 02 rubber bands and wrapped in a plastic bag. Visitor White was taken into custody by Glennville PD.

On January 7 at Hays SP, security staff recovered 12 packages wrapped in electrical tape in Officer Nicholas Grindle's locker. The contraband consisted of: 7 vape pens, 1 vape bottle, 1 wireless ear bud, 20 charging cables, 5 charging blocks, 14 cell phones, 222 grams of marijuana, and 760 grams of methamphetamine. Officer Grindle admitted to attempting to bring contraband to an offender. He was arrested by the Chattooga County Sheriff's Department and escorted to Chattooga County Jail. 

On January 8 at Hancock SP, upon searching Officer Jehan Landau as she reported to work, the following contraband was located: 1 pair of white socks, 1 pair of men's underwear, 1 pair of multi-colored shorts, and 1 sweatshirt. Officer Landau was arrested by Hancock County Sheriff's Office and taken to the Hancock County Jail.