September 19, 2022

Contraband Arrest at Multiple State Facilities

As of July 2010, The GDC Office of Professional Standards, in conjunction with local & federal law enforcement partners, have investigated or arrested approximately 1,929 staff and civilians for introducing contraband into prisons throughout the state.

On September 18 at Ware State Prison, Ware County Sheriff's Department stopped a vehicle after the occupants were observed flying a drone near the facility. The GDC Canine Unit found packages of unknown contraband in the vehicle. Probationer Jeffrey Vardin and civilian Stasha McIntyre were arrested and transported to the Ware County Jail.

On September 18 at Calhoun State Prison, two individuals were seen on facility grounds. A search found the following contraband: bundles wrapped in duct tape, cell phones, cell phone chargers, and earbuds. Probationer Juwan Hurst and civilian Josiah Hurst were arrested and transported to the Calhoun County Jail.