June 27, 2022

Contraband Arrest at Wilcox and Rogers State Prisons

As of July 2010, The GDC Office of Professional Standards, in conjunction with local & federal law enforcement partners, have investigated or arrested approximately 1,910 staff and civilians for introducing contraband into prisons throughout the state.

On June 24 at Rogers State Prison, during a traffic stop by Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office, Civilian Rachel Duehring stated that she had dropped off two individuals near the facility. While conducting a search of her vehicle, pistols, magazines, and ecstasy were located. Soon thereafter, Civilians Van Meredith and Micah Lester approached a patrol car near the facility looking for Rachel Duehring. A bag in their possession was searched, and the following contraband was recovered: ammunition and empty cigar packets. Civilians Duehring, Meredith, and Lester were arrested and transported to the Tattnall County Jail.

On June 24 at Wilcox State Prison, two individuals were seen on facility grounds. A search of the area found tobacco, cellphones, lighters, cigarettes, rolling papers, vape pens, charging blocks, and charging cables. Civilian Kaylashia Wright and an unidentified male were arrested and transported to the Wilcox County Jail.

On June 25 at Wilcox State Prison, Abbeville Police Department conducted a traffic stop near the facility. During a search of the vehicle, contraband was found wrapped in blue tape and cellophane. Abbeville Police Department arrested Civilians Isaac Gibbs and Maurice Williams.