Civilians Arrested for Contraband Attempts

FORSYTH, Ga. - The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) Commissioner Tyrone Oliver announced ongoing progress in the continued fight to keep contraband from making its way inside the walls of our prisons. Through the perseverance of our Office of Professional Standards Special Agents and our partnership with Calhoun County Sheriff's Office (SO), a total of 24 civilians, including one juvenile have been arrested for attempting to introduce contraband into Calhoun State Prison in Morgan, Georgia over the period July 16 – August 22.

"We stand committed in our continuing efforts to bring justice to those who threaten the safety of our staff, inmates, and the citizens of Georgia," said Commissioner Oliver. "The takeaway from these arrests is that we maintain a watchful eye and will pursue prosecution to the fullest extent.  The work of our Agents alongside the Calhoun County SO is a great example of the importance of collaboration in our efforts to ensure public safety,” continued Oliver.

Due to the increased number of contraband introduction attempts at Calhoun SP, the GDC partnered with the Calhoun County SO to assist in a multifaceted approach to halt illegal contraband from entering the facility.  These recent arrests represent only a fraction of individuals being arrested for contraband introduction in GDC facilities across the state, and we will continue to hold anyone involved accountable for these actions.

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