November 25, 2019

Contraband Arrest at Multiple State Prisons

As of July 2010, The GDC Office of Professional Standards, in conjunction with local & federal law enforcement partners, have investigated or arrested approximately 1,326 staff and civilians for introducing contraband into prisons throughout the state.

On November 20 at Washington State Prison,  Officers Jessica Terrell and Wykiesha Gilmore failed to clear the body scanner in front entry. A search of their person was conducted and 01 package was discovered in the chest area of Officer Terrell and 01 package was discovered in the chest area of Officer Gilmore. Both packages consisted of an unknown amount of marijuana. Officers Terrell and Gilmore were placed under arrest by Washington County Sheriff's Office.

On November 19 at Calhoun State Prison, Officer Temperess Johnson entered the front sally port in a state vehicle to transport an offender to an outside appointment. A search of the vehicle was conducted, and 2 packages wrapped in black tape which appeared to be cell phones and 2.6 pounds of methamphetamine wrapped in black tape was discovered. Officer Johnson was arrested by Calhoun County Sheriff's Office.


On November 17 at Telfair State Prison, Telfair County Sheriff's Office arrested civilian Raekwon Branson, Probationer Tacorey Lakes and Probationer Cardereez Howard in McRae, Georgia. Nine bundles of contraband were recovered from their vehicle that contained 11,793 grams of tobacco, 56.7 grams of marijuana, 10 cell phones, 10 lighters, 10 cell phone chargers, and 10 sim cards.

On November 17 at Wilcox State Prison, Visitor Elexus Hamilton was arrested by Abbeville Police Department after the portal sergeant detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from Visitor Elexus Hamilton. Visitor Hamilton consented to a search and approximately 228 grams of marijuana was found on her person.

On November 16 at Wilcox State Prison, Officer Keyana Cooper arrived to the facility's front entry when the portal sergeant noticed a bulge in her leg area. Officer Cooper consented to a search and 04 bundles containing 310 grams of marijuana was recovered. Officer Cooper was arrested and escorted to the Wilcox County Jail. 

On November 16 at Calhoun State Prison, the portal sergeant observed a suspicious object on Officer Chakeria Fletcher's. She consented to a search of her person and the following contraband was recovered 1 condom containing 62.78 grams of tobacco. Officer Fletcher was arrested by the Calhoun County Sheriff's Officer.

On November 13 at Georgia State Prison, the portal sergeant conducted a search on visitor Shalimar M Crew Martinez and found 5 small plastic bags containing marijuana on her person. Visitor Martinez was arrested by Tattnall County Sheriff's Office and transported to Tattnall County jail.