Beyond the Walls - Professional Truck Driver Kevin Skidmore

picture of a tractor trailer truck

In 1995, I was arrested for Armed Robbery at the age of 16. I was among the first juveniles in DeKalb County to be charged as an adult under SB 440. In 1996, I was found guilty and sentenced to a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years. During my 10 year stay, I earn a GED and two vocational trades: Graphic Design and Architectural Drafting. I was transferred to the Clayton Transitional Center in 2004 and was one of the first SB 440 juvenile offenders to be approved to go to a Transitional Center. In April 2005, I was released. Four months after my release, I was hired by a company and served as Team Lead, supervising 21 people and earning $60,000 a year. Six years later, I purchased my home.

On May 2014, I launched my trucking company – FourFourtyTrucking,LLC. SB 440 was a very pivotal point in my life, so I named my company after it because starting my own business is another pivotal point in my life.